• Pistachio
  • Butternut squash sugar pecan cookie
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough

Like most whiny millennials, I’m plagued by a deep and inexplicable aversion to commitment, which also explains why I’ve spent the last few years sampling therapists as if they were ice cream flavors. But thanks to a conversation I had with my elderly neighbor, a dream analysis book I found in my childhood bedroom, and a few cursory Internet searches, I’ve come to realize just why I’ve treated my search for a therapist like a clinical 31 Flavors. The answer is simple and sweet: it’s because the thing I actually need in my life, the thing I’ve been craving from the very start, is ice cream! And as if to answer my dairy-free, CBT-reliant prayers, over yonder by the Hollywood Hills, pops up Van Leeuwen, an artisan ice cream shop built for commitment-challenged lactards who prefer to digest their therapy in reasonably sized scoops.

Van Leeuwen’s vegan options range from childhood favorites like chocolate or mint chip, to exotic combinations like turmeric palm sugar cookie and concord grape with roasted pear. In just a week’s time, I made two trips to Van Leeuwen, both psychically rewarding, and at just a fraction of the cost of therapy. I tried the pistachio, which I can only describe as smooth, buttery, and just nutty enough to make you feel sane. I also sampled the chocolate chip cookie dough, a silky treat, every sparse bite of dough worth the wait. And finally, I indulged in the surprising butternut squash sugar pecan cookie, a combination reminiscent of those 5PM Thanksgiving vibes just before your uncle Mike drinks too much and passes out in the living room.

While Van Leeuwen may not solve all of your problems, it’s certainly a delicious start. Next week’s prescription: match green tea.

Van Leeuwen: 5915 Franklin Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90028


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