ORDER: sweet corn almond soft serve

When I think of sweet corn, I think of summer BBQs, Paula Deen, and the frozen aisle at Trader Joe’s. I most definitely do not think of vegan soft serve. I’ll admit, I’m a skeptic when it comes to frozen vegan confections. They’re usually too almond-y, too coconut-y, too icy, and always too goddamn pricey. Like its dairy-free predecessors, Magpies falls into the category of too goddamn pricey, but that’s the only box it ticky-tacks. Despite what you think, this isn’t gonna turn into some diatribe about overpriced LA desserts. Rather, this is an ode to one particular overpriced LA dessert: Magpie’s vegan sweet corn almond soft serve. As my favorite Miracle Grow commercial puts it, “it’s so rich, it should file a tax return.” No, it’s so impossibly decadent, it should get audited by the IRS and monitored by the FBI (Frozen Bites Investigators). Looks like Stella’s not the only one who got her groove back. I’m looking at you, vegan soft serve.

Magpies: 2660 Griffith Park Boulevard Silver Lake, CA. 90039


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