ORDER: raw zucchini linguine salad

I feed into a lot of culinary, poofy bullshit. If I’m craving a vegan dessert, I’m happy to pay an arm and a pile of legs for that dessert. Nothing can stop me. Checking account at zero? That’s what credit cards are for. Waistline expanding? That’s what exercise is for. Fraying close relationships because I put organic, vegan bullshit above all else? That’s actually a problem. Seriously. I need help. My point is one-fold, so why even say how many folds, but I can’t help myself, so let’s get to this one-folded point already…Stamp is pricey. The food is mostly organic, vegan, and gluten-free, so now you understand why the prices are borderline laughable. But their food is also freakin’ delicious and creative and really well-thought-out. And so, I’m willing to pay foolish prices. Look, if there’s ever the opportunity for you to pick between a meal at Stamp and going to your best friend’s shitty improv show for charity, go with Stamp. But I’m not a complete asshole. You should still donate to charity and lie to your friend so as to preserve the relationship.

After two trips to Stamp in one week, I decided I had no choice but to write about the raw zucchini linguine salad. This bitch of a tongue twister is smothered in a pecan pesto, spiral threads of zucchini just dripping in the most wonderful sauce (so much so, I had to mention it twice), surrounded by a bunch of punk-ass cherry tomatoes. Despite the extra work (I’m looking at you cherry tomatoes), this raw salad is worth almost every penny and missing your friend’s entrée into the humiliating world of improv comedy.

Stamp Proper Foods: 4500 Los Feliz Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90027



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