ORDER: lamb chops

Speranza. Sperrrannzzza. The name makes me think of that scene in Transparent’s pilot episode where Salvadorian food becomes a vehicle for sexual tension, “Pupusa. Pupusssa.” But I guess you say any word enough times and it starts to sound sexy-adjacent. And I’m certainly not trying to build sexual tension here, so let’s get our minds out of the linguistic gutter.

Speranza sits behind a waterfall of orange plastic, a Silverlake gem hidden by colorful recyclables. The place is mostly exposed, with a surprisingly romantic feel considering the disposable exterior. I’ve visited this Italian stallion many a time, but this round I decided to try something different: the lamb chops. I’ve never been a huge fan of lamb, but as I’ve grown older and more decrepit, my tastes have shifted toward things that “bah.” The chops were small, but also rich, tender and perfectly cooked, resting sweetly on a bed of greens. Pastoral imagery? Probably not. If you have the chance to hit up Speranza, make sure to pair your pasta with the lamb chops. Or don’t, and live your live one regret deeper.

Speranza: 2547 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027


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