ORDER: Wild mushroom bruschetta

Let’s start with the facts. Little Pine is 100% organic and vegan, which probably explains the prices. The cozy little trend hole is owned by Moby, but I’d like to steer away from the whole celeb-factor, since I think it’s a bit tacky to lead with. By the way, did I mention the place is owned by Moby? But the real star of the night was the wild mushroom bruschetta, drenched with a caramelized onion spread and topped with bits of arugula. The dish was quite small, but packed a baby-size punch of flavor. And while I was busy devouring a crostini of organic savory goodness, my dining partner spotted Moby being Moby, loitering by the entrance, practically blending in with the pale palette of the restaurant. On that note, comes my favorite part of Little Pine: the host. A slight, white bald guy, who on a foggy winter’s day, you might mistake for the musician himself. My theory is this is a subliminal and tactical strategy, allowing Moby to make his guests feel we are always in his musical graces. If anyone knows Moby, please follow up on my psychological theory, which I’m 99% certain is bald spot-on.

Little Pine: 2870 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles, CA. 90039


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