ORDER: Crispy octopus starter

There’s something very few people know about me. I’ve always wanted a tree house, and to this day, not having one has left a huge, Douglas-fir-size hole in my heart. The closest I’ve come to having one (a tree house not a hole in my heart), was a fort constructed entirely out of trash bags, which in retrospect, probably wasn’t the safest of tree house alternatives. Luckily, I never got smothered, and lived to experience the many joys of life, like setting up a checking account and clipping my own toe nails. If like me, you’d like to occasionally escape the realities of being a grown-ass adult in a big-ass city, Cliff’s Edge is just the right amount of magical to do the trick. The restaurant’s courtyard is made up of terraced wood decks intertwined with vines and exotic-looking foliage, a sophisticated tree house (more of a mansion considering the square footage) and ode to your inner Baloo (remember Baloo? The Jungle Book? c’monnnnn).

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. The food is good, but get out your piggy bank, because it’s also hella pricey. But let’s face it, you come here for the ambiance, for the experience, to feel like you’re in a jungle in southeast Asia rather than on Sunset Boulevard, embedded in a polluted armpit spattered with animal droppings. If you’re feeling thrifty, I would suggest stopping by for a couple of cocktails and their star appetizer, the crispy octopus, a glorious grilled tentacle dusted with a coriander crust. The texture is tender, not chewy. Smoky, with a slight fruity undertone. I feel like I’m describing a Malbec, but seriously, ya wino, this thing is better than any glass of red my lips have touched. If you happen to be looking for a romantical pre-date appetizer, or are just out to massage your inner child (not in a creepy way), then Cliff’s Edge is a real winner winner chicken (actually octopus) dinner.

Cliff’s Edge: 3626 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90026

Photocred: @tomcolefilmmaker


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