ORDER: Pickled beet sandwich w/ the sheep feta on the side

You don’t normally hear the word “beet” and think “filling” and “delicious.” Well, why don’t you stop hating on my favorite root vegetable, and check out the pickled beet sandwich at Dune. First off, let’s talk about Dune. The little shop is located in Atwater Village, an unmarked gem with a limited menu, but not lacking in taste. You order at a counter and hope to find a seat at one of three tables outside. Good luck. You’ll need it.

Now back to my lunch box, the pickled beet sando. It sounds pretty self-explanatory, righ — wrong! This afternoon delight is filled with a symphony of flavors: toum (a garlic sauce), pickled beets, capers, Kalamata olives, marinated onions, 8-minute egg, shoestring potatoes, greens, and sheep feta, which I got on the side. On a side, side note, I already regret using the word “symphony,” because it’s an inherently douchey word unless applied to the actual symphony, but even then, saying something like, “After dessert, we caught the symphony,” makes ya sound like a real cornhole who eats too much dessert. Feel me? Cool. So all of this earthy goodness is precariously stuffed into a crispy ciabatta, which really makes the whole piece pop. Dirrrty Pop. Remember that song? NSYNC? JT? I think he’d agree that the crunch of the bread combined with the freshness of what’s inside, is truly a winning combo, not to mention a filling one. If you’re looking for something relatively healthy, don’t overlook this underdog of sandwiches. It may march to the beet of its own drum, but that’s what makes it interesting aka hella good.

Dune: 3143 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90039

Photocred: @tomcolefilmmaker


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