ORDER: vegan donut w/ vegan filling & vanilla frosting

That’s me. Lauren. And this is my blog. I thought about cutting myself out of this photo, but then I realized it would look weird with my floating, mangled hands cropped just at the wrists. Normally I’m all about cropping, especially when it comes to hair, tops, and fields, but in this case, I felt the placement of my pale, disembodied hands would do a disservice to the star of this shot, that freakin’ gorgeous donut. ‘Ain’t she a beaut? Or he? I’m pretty sure donuts don’t have gender, but what the hey. Anyone who knows me well or has been forced to talk to me for more than a meal, knows that donuts are my thing. I like them a lot. I like them more than most people I know. I’d rather spend a night with a donut than most men in LA.

Donuts are the shit. This one in particular is the shit squared divided by Jon Hamm. It’s one of many creations from Highland Park’s Donut Friend, which I can only describe as the Cold Stone of donuts, although I’m pretty sure the masterminds behind this place would slap me for drawing such a cheap parallel, because these babies are beyond strip mall good. I only make the comparison, because like its ice cream-based cousin, you have the option of ordering a dessert of their design, or making your own, risking revealing just how perverted or plain your palate may be. The donut pictured here is vegan, and I decided to create my own, because I don’t care what people think. Just kidding. Of course I do. I just needed to accommodate my weak, enzyme-challenged body, which is why I went with the vegan donut base, the vegan filling, and then had the whole shebang dipped in vanilla frosting. The result is this delectable circle of mouth joy. If you’re craving a donut, and not just some run-of-the-mill fluff cake, you gotta want something rich, something that’ll make you cry, then Donut Friend is where it’s at.

Tell them I sent you. They’ll be sure to give you nothing.

Donut Friend: 5107 York Blvd Los Angeles, CA. 90065

Photocred: @tomcolefilmmaker


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